Color Consultation

If you are contemplating giving your home or business, a new look without replacing your existing furnishings, color consultation is the best way to follow provided by Jeffrey Ramirez Designs. Choosing the right correct color scheme is essential to reach the mood you desire. Color scheming is a service we provide to you based on your personal preferences and inspiration. We dare you to allow us to introduce you to new colors or a specific hue that you have ever consider using for your space!

Trusting that our color scheme is customized to your taste is critical, chances are you will be pleasantly surprised. And if not, well it just paints; it can be changed to a color you are more comfortable within a breeze of a finger!

A great starting point for you is to gather a little bit of inspiration for us to understand your color mood. Some important questions to ask yourself in order to take the most advantage of your color consultation are:

  • Do you usually tend to like your quiet, neutral, bold, or bright colors?

  • Do you prefer earth tones or vibrant colors?

  • Making a list of the colors you like, dislike, and colors that fall in between gives us a good starting point. It provides us with an idea of where to get inspiration to create your color palette.

Additional factors to determine your color palette are existing furnishings and their placement, natural sunlight, architectural details, and room layouts.

The most advisable time to schedule your color consultation is when you get the best daylight, as colors look different when comparing various paint chip samples. After you have approved the colors, we will select the appropriate paint sheen and finish that will enhance the color and ultimately your space.

If you would like to discuss a project or require further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch or simply hit the inquiry button and our team will get in touch.